By Charles Ogbu.

This letter is necessitated by issues of urgent
national importance, so permit me to jump
protocols and get straight to the point. And I
assume your permission to pay you the courtesy of
being blunt.
You, Mr Ibrahim Mustafa Magu, are a national
disaster as EFCC chairman.


The anti-graft agency
under your leadership has turned to one hell of an
entertainment industry. You are now like a mad king
who is dancing naked in the market square and
being cheered by a large horde of idiots
check it up
masquerading as his subjects. The tragedy of the
situation of this mad king is that he is mistaking
the cheers from the crowd as appreciation of his
dancing steps but in reality, it is the big size of his
manhood dangling in between his leg the dumb
crowd is cheering.

Dear Mr Magu, your anti-graft war is a sham. A
farce. A joke and one hell of a terrible lie. In fact,
I’m left wondering if it wasn’t your so called anti-
graft war Shakespeare’s tragic character, Macbeth,
was referring to when he talked about a tale told by
an idiot, full of sound and fury, yet signifying

Just few weeks ago, you appeared before the
Senate for your confirmation hearing but when asked
how much the EFCC under you has recovered so far,
you look the Senate in the face and responded “I
don’t know”.

How can you claim you are recovering monies
without knowing the amount you’ve recovered so

If you don’t know such a basic thing as how
much you’ve recovered so far, what else can you
possibly know??

Since you don’t know the amount
recovered by your agency, how will you know if
some of your operatives are helping themselves
with the money?

In saner clime, sir, that dumb
answer is more than enough to disqualify you from
holding any public office even without any DSS
report. And if your employer, the president, who is
our employee, wasn’t such a pathetic excuse for a
president himself, he would have sent you back to
your village.

Now, in your desperate attempt to convince
Nigerians that you are working and compel the
Senate to confirm you as the EFCC boss, you’ve
elevated arseholery to a national level and even
made it an official govt policy.

You now go about discovery millions and billions of
orphaned naira and dollars everywhere.
Few weeks ago, you supposedly discovered
45million naira in an open space at the Kaduna
The ‘corrupt’ owner of the 45million simply
packaged the whole money, Nigerian naira for that
matter, and left it at the airport for you to find.

Weldone Sir!
Just few days ago, you discovered another
orphaned huge sum in a shop somewhere in Lagos.

Still not done with your attempt to take over the
entertainment industry from Nollywood, you went to
a certain building in Ikoyi and discovered not less
than $50million that is still without owner. You
mischievousiy leaked the so called discovery to
your minions at Sahara Reporters but you couldn’t
establish such a simple thing as the owner of the
said house even when every property in Lagos is
duly registered. Your whistle blower know there was
‘stolen’ money at the apartment but didn’t know the
owner of the said apartment or the money. How

Let me even ask you one question: how far about
the millions discovered in the account of Stella
Odua’s housemaid, millions discovered in Reuben
Abati’s Ugu farm plus all the other millions and
billions you’ve been discovering in odd places like
pit toilet, Mama Azuka onugbu etc since 2015?

Apart from gifting us with distractions from the
calamity that is our President, how many of these
so called corrupt people have you convicted in

Who exactly are you trying to impress by always
leaking details of your ongoing investigation to the

Between convicting people on the pages of
newspaper and convicting them in the court of law,
which one are you after?

After entertaining us with how Dasuki shared
billions, how far have you gone with his trial? Have
you even established before the court that the
money Dasuki shared was from the arms fund and
not the PDP campaign fund?? After all the media
frenzy, where exactly are you with his trial?
Dear Mr Magu, let me offer you some free piece of

No reasonable person is fooled by this your ‘iweta
nke a irie m ego’ show. Nigeria is not made up of
over 180million Zombies. You are only deceiving
yourself with this your charade.
This is the 21st century, 2017. Everything has gone
digital. Corruption, not excluded. If you must succed
in fighting corruption, first, you must embark on self
reform and self re-orientation. The biggest obstacle
to the anti-graft war is you, Mr Ibrahim Magu.

method is way too archaic and thuggish to achieve
any meaningful result. And the tragedy of it all is
that some if not most of these corrupt suspects are
actually corrupt but they always end up going scot-
free because as the prosecutor, you have repeatedly
proven that your criminal ineptitude has a NAFDAC
approved number.
You must understand that corruption is fought in the
court of law with unassailable evidence, not on
social media and on the pages of newspapers with
market place gossip, speculations and hearsay.

Corruption is fought by closing all the loopholes
that gift individuals with access to so much money.
Corruption is fought by institutions, not individuals.
So, please, stop making the EFCC about you as a
person. Stop this desperation to secure the post of
substantive EFCC chairman!

If you suspect someone of being corrupt, don’t be
in a hurry to please the mob and prove that you are
working by rushing to arrest the suspect, keep him
with you and deny him access to his family and
lawyer and use your media allies to convict him in
the court of public opinion even when you are yet to
establish any case against him. Criminal
prosecution requires evidence. Unimpeachable
evidence. And when there is even a line of
unresolved argument, it is always decided in favour
of the accused.
Work more and talk less!
Stop leaking details of your own investigation to the
media. By doing so, you are simply jeopardizing
your chances of winning those cases in court.
Stop regaling us with tales of how you found
millions and billions of orphaned naira and dollars
inside some orphaned house and shop in Lagos.

Those dollars are new and serially numbered,
tracking when and how they came into the country
shouldn’t be difficult except you were born dumb.
The whole world is watching us, my dear Magu.

Each time, you reel out bogus figures of orphaned
monies you recovered without establishing the
owner and convicting him/her in court, our friends
from outside Nigeria are left wondering whether to
pause and die laughing or die crying…….at our
gullibility as a people.

Assuming we believe some of these orphaned
monies were not planted by your agency, it is still
the height of conscientious idiocy to expect us to
roll out the drum for you simply for discovering
money. Taking possession of orphaned cash is no
achievement. Achievement is identifying the owners
of the said money, putting him/her behind bars and
taking possession of the said cash by convincing
the court that the monies actually came from a
criminal source.

I assume you are already on your way to
discovering another billions, so let me end this
Accept my sincerest regard,

Mr acting chairman.
Concerned citizen
Charles Ogbu