Just In: China Demands For Help From Russia’s To Disarm North Korea

Jean-Marc Ayrault during a press
conference after their meeting in Beijing
on April 14, 2017. China’s foreign minister
Wang Yi said during a press conference
on April 14 that a “conflict could break
out at any moment” over North Korea,
warning there would be “no winner” in
any war, as tensions soar with the US.


China is seeking Russia’s help to cool
surging tensions over Pyongyang’s
nuclear ambitions, the country’s foreign
minister has told his Moscow
counterpart, after Beijing warned of
possible conflict over North Korea.

Do You Know?

Fears over the North’s rogue weapons
programme have soared in recent days,
with a US naval strike force deployed
near the Korean peninsula, while
President Donald Trump has warned the
threat “will be taken care of” and
Pyongyang has vowed a “merciless”
response to any provocation.

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China — the North’s sole major ally and
economic lifeline — on Friday warned
that war over North Korea could break
out “at any moment”.

In a call with Sergei Lavrov later Friday,
Wang Yi said the common goal of the
two nations was to “bring all the parties
back to the negotiating table”, according
to a statement on China’s Foreign
Ministry website.

“China is ready to coordinate closely with
Russia to help cool down as quickly as
possible the situation on the peninsula
and encourage the parties concerned to
resume dialogue,” Wang told Lavrov,
referring to the stalled six-party talks on
the North’s nuclear programme that
includes Russia, China and the United

“Preventing war and chaos on the
peninsula meets common interests,” he
Beijing has long opposed dramatic action
against the North, fearing the regime’s
collapse would send a flood of refugees
across its borders and leave the US
military on its doorstep.

Trump insists that China must exert
more leverage on Pyongyang to abandon
its nuclear ambitions or suffer the

Pyongyang is already under several sets
of UN sanctions over its atomic and
ballistic missile programmes.

Courtesy: SunBlog