Prophet Of Doom? See What A Prophet Said About Buhari and 2045 Break Up Of Nigeria

The General Overseer of Inri Evangelical Spiritual
Church, Oke-Afa, Lagos, Primate Elijah Babatunde
Ayodele, has revealed that Nigeria will breakup in


He also predicted that the ruling All Progressives
Congress will ‘tear’ into three factions, adding that
the Northern Governors’ Forum of the party will

Releasing his prophesies on Nigeria, Africa and the
world in general, Primate Ayodele told Sun that
President Muhammadu Buhari may not finish his
first term in office.
He also predicted that the National Chairman of the
Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Senator Ali Modu
Sheriff may win the case in the Supreme Court.

According to the cleric, “Already we are working
towards breaking up and I tell you, it’s only prayers
that can prevent Nigeria from breaking up in 2043.
Mark my words.
“Whether the powers that be want it or not, I
foresee a very big referendum coming, in which all
issues troubling the soul of Nigeria would be

“This referendum would decide along three main
lines among others, on the dire need for us to have
true federalism, return to regionalism which thrived
and facilitated progress shortly after the colonial
masters left or lead us into a breakup.

“The APC should beware of a crack in the party
that would tear it into three factions.
“If care is not taken and the PDP fails to properly
reconcile their warring factions, the Supreme Court
judgment may favour Ali Modu Sheriff.

“The northern arm of the APC Governorship Forum
may break. President Buhari may not have the
capacity to contest in 2019 while there would be
so many candidates contesting. We should even
be very prayerful for him to complete his first term.

“We need prayers so that democracy would not
cause problems in Nigeria. The military should
beware and strategize against some serious
bombing of strategic places in the country.

“We have predicted the rancor rocking the NASS,
but I want to say that the current trouble in the
Assembly is not over as there are more crises
ahead in the two legislative houses.

“A lot of unprecedented political chaos, scheming,
machinations and manipulations would play out in
the 2019 general elections.”

Courtesy: Daily Post