Still On Ikoyi Drama: See What Peter Obi Suggested To EFCC

A former governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi,
has confirmed that his apartment was one of the
many searched by the Economic and Financial
Crimes Commission (EFCC), following the discovery
of N13.3 billion in a neighbouring apartment (Flat
7B) at Osborne Towers, Ikoyi, by the commission
last week.


In a follow-up to the information provided by the
whistle blower who blew the lid on the cash found
in Apartment 7B and further information that there
was more cash stashed away in another apartment
in the same luxury complex, the EFCC had obtained
a warrant from the court to search all the flats in
the building.

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Accordingly, it notified all the occupants of the
building that its operatives would search all the flats
to ascertain the veracity of the information provided
by the whistle blower who works in the complex.

By Monday, the commission had searched 21 of
the apartments including those belonging to the
former National Chairman of the Peoples
Democratic Party (PDP), Alhaji Adamu Mu’azu, who
developed the sky-rise residential building.
A statement on Tuesday by Obi’s media aide, Mr.

Val Obienyem, said the former governor has
confirmed the search by the EFCC of Flat 1
occupied by him in the building.
Responding to enquiries from the press, Obienyem,
who revealed that the ex-governor’s primary
residence is in Onitsha, Anambra State, he added
that the apartment rented by Obi’s wife, Margaret, is
usually used by the former governor anytime he is
in Lagos.

Obienyem, who cautioned mischief makers against
linking Obi to the cash haul, made it clear that the
entire occupants of the building were also searched.
“Even though Mr. and Mrs. Obi had travelled to the
UK and U.S. for speaking engagements, when he
was informed of the search, he quickly sent the
keys to the 4-bedroom apartment to the EFCC via
courier today (yesterday).
“He even left instructions that we should allow them
to also search his Onitsha residence should there
be need for that.

“After a thorough search, nothing was found in the
apartment,” Obienyem said.
Obienyem revealed that during the search, one of
the operatives of the EFCC was overheard
expressing doubt if the apartment had anything to
do with Obi, citing the fact that it was the simplest
in terms of furnishing and reflective of his ascetic

A source also revealed that Obi learnt of the search
warrant obtained from the EFCC from his neighbour,
Chairman/CEO of Zinox Technologies Limited, Mr.
Leo Stan Ekeh, who has two children living in the
apartment building.

One of his sons, Nnamdi, 24, who is a resident of
Osborne Towers, is a budding entrepreneur and
founder of the online shopping portal Yudala.
Ekeh reportedly called Obi at the weekend to inform
him that the EFCC had searched his children’s flats
and advised him to send his key from London so
that his flat could be searched likewise.
Obi, promptly asked his wife to send the key via
courier to a family friend to let the EFCC operatives
into his flat.

The Obis, it was gathered, neither keep maids nor
housekeepers at the apartment and always lock it
up when they are out of town.

Courtesy: Newsline