The Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the Director of Radio Biafra and Biafra Television is a man of vision. The mother to the leader of IPOB Lolo Okwu Kanu has this to say about the state of Nigeria.


“The current situation of our people remanded in
Afara prison to say the least is beyond unpleasant.
When my son, Nnamdi Kanu said that Nigeria is
evil, I can assure you that it is an understatement,
because it is hell on earth. Everything in that
contraption is made to fail.

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Wickedness and
nepotism is highly prevalent. Infact, my son owes
animals in the zoo an apology for comparing them
with Nigerians. Words cannot express how awful I
feel about this country.”
She further went on to narrate what she
encountered on several occasions she had visited
IPOB activists in Afara prison. According to her,
“my experience cannot be completely expressed in

“A visit by yourself to the prison facility will
explain better. Before you are permitted to see any
of the IPOB inmates at Afara prison, you will
spend a lot of money on the prison officials.

There are six checkpoints before you will reach the
people you want to see, and at each checkpoint,
you will need to pay the sum N100, [one hundred
Naira] per person.”

“The prison warders asked me to bring some
money for their rent, meaning they will have to pay
house rent inside the prison or they will be made
to stay outside the prison to spend their prison
term. This is unbelievable. The prison warders are
one set of heartless individuals that I wonder if
they came from outer space.

“Just last week they asked me to pay N200 [two
hundred Naira] and on getting to the prison yard,
they upgraded the bribe to N500 [five hundred
Naira] before I could see the IPOB activists held
there. Really the IPOB brothers in Afara prison are
being treated like animals and not humans. If I
don’t give them food, they will starve. It is as bad
as that.

I went to visit them last week, and I was told that
the key to the prison where they kept the inmates
is missing, meaning that nobody will see them
and they will not eat until the key is found. I was
shocked to my bone marrow as to how wicked
people can be.

I thought within me, so they are
now animals that you can lose their prison keys
and yet not be perturbed. Afara prison warders
truly have no regard for IPOB detainees and this
must be looked into. We must do everything
humanly possible to remove these people from
there before they die.”

Courtesy: ECOTV



  1. Emka says:

    In all events, Afara is ABIA, not Northern region. How is that going on in Umuahia? So what will Biafrian look like if warders in Umuahia treat the same IPOB that way you described it.


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