Any Attempt To Flout This Order Will Bring An End To Kanu’s Trial— Barr. Ejiofor Vows

Kanu’s defense lawyer, Barrister Ifeanyi Ejiofor, has
warned that he will resist any attempt by the
Federal government of Nigeria to disregard,
denigrate or disobey the order of the court granting
his client bail.


Speaking to Biafra Writers’ Correspondents, shortly
after the proceedings, Ejiofor vowed that he will
mobilize people to protest on the streets should the
government fail to obey this order as was in the
case of two previous court pronouncements granting
his client bail.
“I want to make this point clear to everybody and to
the whole world that the court has given the
conditions for his bail this morning, which we’re
going to perfect.

“Therefore, we’re going to strongly resist any further
attempt by the Federal government to flout this
order made by the court this morning, even if it
means mobilizing people to the streets, I’ll do that
and any attempt to flout this order will bring a total
end to this trial because we’ll not subject Nnamdi
Kanu to further trial unless when the order is
complied,” he warned.
Ejiofor also expressed happiness in the court ruling
for Kanu’s release, adding that they are ready to
meet up with the stringent bail conditions.

He said: “Actually, we’re particularly happy that the
court granted him(Nnamdi Kanu), bail today. He has
regained his freedom and we’re firmly sure that
we’re going to fulfill the conditions for bail.
“As you’re aware, Nnamdi Kanu is a leader of a
nation, Biafra, so we have people that will come to
assist us in perfecting his conditions for bail.”

Speaking about the adjournment of the lawsuit filed
against the federal government at the ECOWAS
Court, Ejiofor said: “Only this morning, I had a call
from my Secretary, informing me that the ECOWAS
court has postponed our matter to May 17th, 2017.
“And I hope that on that day, Nnamdi Kanu will be
there at the ECOWAS court because having been
granted bail, he will be out by then.”

Barrister Ejiofor also went ahead to admonish
Kanu’s supporters to continue to conduct
themselves within the confines of the law without
indulging in any form of violence, adding that they
should go about their normal businesses without
expressing fear of any arrest or intimidation by the
security agencies as they are existing in a lawful