Breaking: The Rise of Biafra Scorpions – Operation Total Eradication of Evils In The Land

The Rise of Biafra Scorpions!!!!!
The Rise of Biafra scorpion is the beginning of the
total eradication of all atrocities committing against
Biafra people for more than a century.


It is very clear that the evil and suffering of people
in Biafra land were made and created by men .And
it is very obvious also that the solution will be
solved by men who are supernatural ,like us .

That means ,our operation goes spiritual and our
action can seen visible when we start to clean
Biafraland of evil, furthermore ,if any government
paid you as an agent for Nigeria , be warned.
searching for us is a complete waste of time ,
resources and eventually whenever we turn our face
to you, your generation will be crushed.
Before we go further,it is good to underline our

We are not Niger delta avenger(NDA).that comes
and back down because of fake promise ,we are
not any kind of extremist,we are not even a terrorist
group of any sort seen on earth before in Africa or
in the world.
This Biafra scorpion (BS),are the spirit and soul of
all Biafra people men and women that was buried
in various prisons and oceans ,scattered in many
countries round the globe.

They all have risen to stand to demand an
immediate release their son ,brother Mazi Nnamdi
Kanu. the leader of millions of Biafra people who
are now seeking for their freedom.

The Biafra Scorpion are not all that human ,whom
you can say that you will influence in any sort of
promise we do not need money, we do not need
negotiation of oil well ,we are not engaged in any
any politics , we are not business men of any kind.
Our quest is very clear,we need freedom of Biafra

(1). We need immediate and unconditional release
of the Biafra leader Nnamdi kanu. and all Biafrans
being held in various DSS jails and prisons , now is
the time because the spirit of his brother and
sisters has risen from all the grave round the world.
They are all standing,clamouring in solidarity with
him ,in other to be sure that their Biafra nation is

(2).BIAFRA SCORPIONS will not stop to hurt Nigeria
until our request are granted and the remains of
those killed by the Nigeria government in all part of
parts Nigeria are brought home to For a respectful

(3) BIAFRAN SCORPIONS is on a mission of Total
cleansing of all the enemies of Biafra within.
Total cleansing of every evil men and women in
Biafra land.

(4).Every Igbo sabotage will be crushed .whether
you are one of those evil politicians, pastors
,bishops or any religious man or woman who is
against Biafra restoration will be crushed.

(5). Our final message is very clear and we have
forwarded this notice to all the world powers ,that if
anything happen to our leader after he has released
from prison, everything living in Nigeria will be
crushed .

Biafrans Arise!!!! your destiny is in your hands
through the mercy of ChukwuAbaima
Joe Okamgba (The Ghost)