If there is one thing that drives men nuts,
it is trying to figure out what a woman
really wants to hear. had
Most men know that
compliments should work, but working
out the right compliment to use is not as
easy as it sounds, because, if a
compliment is said in the wrong way, it
will just seem insincere and mean
nothing. So guys, if you feel that you
always seem to put your foot straight in
your mouth, every time you open it, read
these ten things that we know girls
absolutely like to hear.


1. The truth
One of the most important things girls
like to hear is the truth.

This is more than
just a cliché, this is a fact! Don’t spin
stories of how the dog ate her birthday
card, or how the Amazon delivery guy got
mugged in your street on his way to
deliver her birthday gift. Tell her the truth
and admit that you forgot it was her
birthday and then say you are sorry too!
She won’t be impressed by your
temporary amnesia, but she’ll be even
less impressed by a lie that she will see
straight through anyway.

2. “You are the first real woman in my

Tell her that she is the first woman in
your life that you have truly loved, and
that will make her feel really special.

Don’t make it sound like you have said it
a million times before, to a million other
women, though, or it will kind of lose its

3. “What do you think?”

This is another one of things girls like to
hear. By asking for her opinion, and
valuing it when you get it, you are
showing a woman that you  her
and that you want to do things that will
please her. Ask her what car colour you
should get next time, or which model,
and ask for her opinion when you are
buying clothes. You know that she has an
opinion, so let her express it, and she’ll
love you all the more for doing so.

4. You’re the best friend I have ever had

It’s important for a woman to know that
she is liked and trusted, as well as loved
and, strangely, they can be two different
things. She doesn’t expect you to take
her everywhere, but she will love it, if you
involve her in all of your life and share
things with her.

5. Wow! You look gorgeous!

Another one of things girls like to hear is
a compliment. Notice when she does
something different to her hair and notice
when she is wearing something new.


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Everyone loves compliments, not just
women, so don’t be shy about giving her
some! Tell her how much you appreciate
all the effort that she puts into looking
great for you. Compliments will also tell
her that you are not interested in anyone
else, so it will put her mind to rest on that
score too.

6. Tell her how you feel

Don’t be afraid to tell her how you feel
either, because that shows that you are
being honest with her and that you trust
her enough to open up to her. Tell her
how much you love her, but also tell
when you are scared. Sharing your
innermost emotions with her can only
bring you closer together.

7. I love it when you…

You know all those sweet little things
that she does for you? Well, tell her that
you do notice them and that you do
appreciate her doing them. A little bit of
appreciation never goes amiss, so don’t
let all these little things that she does go

8. Come and meet my friends

Telling a woman that you want her to
meet your friends is another one of those
things girls like to hear and it shows her
that you want her to be accepted by
those friends and, it also shows her that
you have no secrets to hide. She wants
to be a part of your life, so let her in, and
she will feel even closer to you then she
did before.

9. “I love your smile”

It could be her smile, it could be her
laugh, or it could be her eyes, but do tell
a woman that you appreciate something
else about her, more than just her boobs!

There is a lot more to love about a
woman, than just the usual stereotypical
parts of their body. Let a lady know that
she is loved for more than that, she
deserves it.

10. Tell her you love her!

This is one of the most important things girls
like to hear. Stop beating around the bush
and tell her straight. If you love her, then tell
her that you love her. Don’t, whatever you do,
leave it too late to let her know that one. It’s
probably just what she wants to hear.

Do you know other things girls like to hear?

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