Just In: Jonathan finally speaks on his presidency loss

He says he lost to America, France, UK and local
gang up. That is true, but a saying goes, that a
great man is often the architect of his own


Talk of actions and unintended (but clearly
foreseeable ) consequences.
How lucky could a man get?
Jonathan met an igbo INEC chairman, and an igbo
PDP party chairman.
Igbo’s are his staunchest supporters.
By Nigerian federal character and political standards
and equation, when you take a political position
from a tribe, you most times give it back to a
person from that ethnic ( see EFCC).

If Jonathan had replaced prof Maurice Iwu with
another igbo man, and chief ogbulafor with another
Igbo man, there would have been no sniff of hope
of taking the presidency off him.
The Americans and France and Britain wouldn’t have
started dreaming and Fulanis were already in

Those key posts he took from his staunch support
base and dashed to Fulanis, knowing fully well that
Nigeria is by colonial and military era default, tilted
to northern political advantage, was what arose and
enkindled the hope of the great improbable upstage
of him.

Nigerian elections are clearly always manipulated,
so, keeping INEC away from your enemies and safe
in your ally hands is key.
The unforced error of the replacement of igbo PDP
chairman, lost him the party.

For instance, If another igbo chief replaced
ogbulafor, Rotimi Amaechi would have been reigned
in. The factionalisation into new-PDP by his
governors would have been handled better and
thwarted. That’s the work of the party chairman.
That party officials stole and chopped all of
Jonathan’s campaign money is not why he lost.

This has been the practice in nigeria.
They will chop the money, but manipulate you back
Jonathan gave away the apparatuses and
institutions of election manipulation, to his fierce
and more smarter rivals, that’s why and how he

The international community and local kingmakers
noticed these unforced errors, and drifted away from
him, knowing what was coming.
Nigerian/ African elections are not won on
performance and good economy and infrastructures
developed. It’s primordial and primitive.
Please, This is not a criticism of Jonathan, but his
politics of appeasement of the north cost him the
We are talking because he has started talking. We
still like and respect him.

No digression into Jonathan is a good man. This is
strictly an issue of smart and acute politicking and
failures of errors of judgment.

By Sam Uche Okoro