In the last few days, since the wide publicity that
accompanied the Class Action Suit by Olisa
Agbakoba, a flurry of enquiries had been directed to
the LNC and myself by people who seek to situate
that intervention at this time in the rancorous debate
of the Igbo Question in Nigeria amidst the larger
Nigerian Question.


Concerned about the possibility of being
misconstrued, I had thought of refraining from the
kind of answer the situation truly deserves but more
frantic enquiries poured in, especially from those
who know the that the issues raised of Igbo
marginalization raised in that Class Action Suit are
the same issues the LNC blames upon the
fraudulent 1999 Constitution and for which reason
we seek its ouster and abrogation.

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Their apparent confusion stemmed from their
reading of the Class Action Suit as some kind of
resignation to fate by Nd’Igbo under the Master-
Servant 1999 Constitution as the Class Action
creates the impression that all the Igbo now want in
Nigeria is to be treated a bit better by our Master
and Conqueror, One-Nigeria and therefore have
abandoned the the Self-determination Quest
My reluctance however gave way when some of our
ill-informed brethren in began to celebrate the
intervention of the Igbo legal giant on our collective
behalf, for the gross marginalization of Nd’Igbo in

My attitude in matters like this is to let such
tangential things go since someone is exerting
some energies on the common good, so as to
maintain focus, but a closer look at the wider
implications of the damage potential of this well-
dressed intervention compelled this review and
comment of mine.

The 1999 Constitution is the tap from which the
Igbo misery flows. The Reliefs sought by the LNC-
Driven 2007 Suit Challenging the Legitimacy of that
1999 Constitution include the Declaration that
Document was a Forgery in that “We the People” did
not make, enact or in anyway approve the 1999
Constitution as Claimed in its Preamble. One of the
Consequential Orders we Sought was the
Termination of the Operation of that 1999
Constitution. Another Consequential Order we sought
was for an 18-Month Transitioning period within
which the replacement Instrument(s) is/are
negotiated, distilled, enacted and ratified by
In Summary, the 2007 Suit sought to turn off the
Tap from which the Igbo (as the rest of Nigeria)

The Olisa Suit catalogue the woes and miseries of
the Igbo in Nigeria quite alright. Those miseries
flow from the evil tap called the 1999 Constitution.
Curiously however, the Reliefs sought by Olisa made
no mention whatsoever of that tap nor did it seek
any halting or turning off of that tap. The Suit rather
prays the Court to Order the Proprietors of Nigeria,
ie the Federal Government of Nigeria to more or
less repent and begin to do the good to the Igbo in
the various ways listed in the Suit.
In summary, the Relief sought is for the Court to
order some kind of vigorous mopping to be done
by that the very proprietors of that tap from which
the Igbo misery flows, without any mention of how
the tap would be turned off.

The consequence of the line of Reliefs Sought by
Olisa is that even if the Court were to make the
Orders he sought, the source of the Igbo misery
which is the 1999 Constitution will remain very
much intact whilst it remains in the absolute
discretion and pleasure of our tormentors to have
mercy upon us and allow some mercy drops whilst
retaining the powers of life and death over us and
also retaining the ownership and control of all our
key economic assets including oil, gas, coal etc as
well as the sequestration of the right to work those

For a Lawyer of Olisa’s standing and depth, who is
very completely aware of the 2007 (replicated in
2009) Suit, which sought to extinguish the source of
the evil visitations upon the Igbo emanating from
that Constitution 1999, which he detailed in his Suit,
one finds it very difficult to see the merit of seeking
to mop when the tap called 1999 Constitution is left
intact to gush out more evil on a continuing basis.
Whatever was the reasoning behind this Suit by
Olisa, the big damage it does is that it reframes the
Igbo Question in Nigeria in a dangerous manner, not
very easy to discern by the untrained eye.
Here is what I mean: the whole World knows that
what the East demands of Nigeria today is Self-

Whether by way of Restructuring back to substantial
Regional Autonomy or Outright Independence as
encapsulated by the Biafra Agitation, the bottomline
is that Nd’Igbo want to take responsible control of
their direction as a People and their destiny, from
the floundering ship of the Nigerian State.
By that demand, the Igbo is simply saying to
Nigeria: “We wish to take charge of our affairs and
begin the Reconstruction of our damaged Society”.

This Olisa Suit obfuscates and transmogrifies that
whole bourgeoning demand for Self-Determination,
into another thing altogether. The Suit seems to be
saying to Nigeria on behalf of Nd’Igbo: “Having
accepted to be in Unitarist One-Nigeria, We now
beseech you to repent, begin to love us and now
please come and begin to repair our decaying
Igboland which you neglected for so long”.
I have no doubt whatsoever that this Suit insidiously
reinforces the stranglehold Nigeria already has over
the Sovereignty of Igboland, whether the Plaintiff
intended it so or not.

I even venture further to proclaim that the timing of
the Suit and the media razzmatazz around it render
it all the more suspicious as an intervention on
behalf Nd’Igbo because it is coming at a time the
Self-Determination efforts by the East is attaining
some critical mass and reaching some kind of a
head. It looks more like an intervention on behalf of
I have no hesitation to declare that the forces of
One-Nigeria are at work here, desperately seeking
to halt the unstoppable march of Eastern Nigeria to
its avowed Self-determination Destination.

I will be glad to engage in a Town Hall-setting, a
debate with Olisa on this Class Action Suit
surrendering the Igbo fate to the feet of One-Nigeria
and its bearing on the Igbo Question in Nigeria at
this time vis-à-vis the clear, loud demand for Self-
determination (and even Restructuring) from Eastern
Nigeria, in rejection of the impositions of Nigeria.
Tony Nnadi Esq.