Former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has
reacted to the much talked about ‘Against the Run
of Play’ written by Segun Adeniyi, Chairman of the
editorial board of ThisDay newspapers.
Airing his opinion on the content of the book,
Goodluck Jonathan said “I have just read Segun
Adeniyi’s new book,


‘Against the Run of Play’ which
has so far enjoyed tremendous reviews in the
media. “My take on it is that the book as presented
contains many distorted claims on the 2015
Presidential election by many of the respondents.

“There will obviously be more books like that on
this subject by concerned Nigerians. However, I
believe that at the right time, the main characters in
the elections including myself will come out with a
true account of what transpired either in major
interviews or books”

The author had revealed that
the idea for the book germinated when he decided
to research into why it is difficult for incumbent
presidents to lose elections in Africa. He had also
stated that events that culminated in the defeat of
President Jonathan, made it clear to him that while
a credible opposition platform that the All
Progressives Congress (APC) represented helped, it
was not the main reason why the election went the
way it did.

So, he decided to interrogate the factors
that led to that unprecedented electoral outcome in
the country.