How Gov Okorocha Was Disgraced By Workers At Workers’ Day, Begs Them For New Agreement

Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo state who has
seemingly locked up his mind to easing the pains
of workers in the state who have been owned
months of unpaid salaries and have kicked agaisnt
the mischievious 70/30 salary sharing formula the
Imo state government adopted to further intensify
the workers, today Monday, Workers’ Day, he was
disgraced by the few workers who came out for the
Workers Day Celebration.
According to Vanghuard, it was like a drama,
irrespective of the low turn out at the Heroes
square, venue of this year’s workers day, while the
governor was delivering his speech the workers
were agitating.


Okorocha apparently overwhelmed by the bashing
and harsh agitations from the crowd, started asking
the workers several frivolous questions which
bordered on their welfare.

However, concluded that the end to “the level of
suffering of workers in the state will be solved by
entering into a new agreement to see how the
workers will start receiving 100 percent of their

“I say this because the 70 percent for workers and
30 percent for government based on the allocation
coming to the State is not favouring the workers.”

“I will also lift ban on promotion because there are
so many vacancies in the the ministry. Let me also
tell you that we are employing 3,200 workers to join
the civil servants job.”
But Okorocha insisted that ” any government
establishment making money should be able to pay

Earlier in his speech, the Imo state Chairman of
Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, Comrade Austin
Chilakpu, among other issues said:”

The Imo workers gathered here today are highly expectant
from the governor for the restoration of 100 percent
salary to all categories of workers.
“It would be be recalled that since January 2016,
the Imo workers have received between 70-80
salaries. This they have done as part of the
sacrifice to cushion the effects of the economic

“The National economy has made good
improvements in recent times, steering it away from
the recession. It is our expectation that these
improvements would reflect on the lot of the
“It has been the position of labour that sacking or
suspension of workers, and cutting or non-payment
of pensioners is not part of the solution to the
economic recession.”
Chilakpu also punctured the position of the
government that it has paid workers in the state up
to date.