IPOB Press Release: SIT-AT-HOME Come 30th May 2017

We the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and it’s
leadership worldwide wish to use this medium to
warn certain unscrupulous individuals masquerading
as ‘agitators” who are making frantic efforts to
sabotage the Remembrance Day celebrations of our
fallen heroes and heroines, who laid down their lives
for us in the British sponsored genocidal war
against Biafrans, to retrace their steps or face
certain destruction.


According to IPOB intelligence report, there are
some groups and individuals who have over the
weeks been meeting with enemies of Biafra,
especially the Federal Government of Nigeria and
certain Igbo governors, who gave them money to
mobilise and frustrate our glorious 30th of May
2017 Remembrance Day. Some of these
dishonourable and clearly shameless persons and
groups are so devilish they don’t realise that it is
their patriotic duty to honour those that fell in battle
in defence of their freedom.

Our supreme leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu had the
divine inspiration to institute the May 30th event
back in 2014 at a public commemoration in our
capital Enugu. This annual event, which is now
observed by Biafrans all over the world as a mark
of perpetual respect to the bravery of the few men
and women who stood for 3 years to resist the
combined murderous might of Britain, Egypt, Soviet
Union and OAU is an event that cannot and should
not be toyed with. If not for these men and women
of the Biafran Army, the Biafran race, especially
Igbos, would have been wiped out from the face of
this earth. We owe these heroes a great debt of
gratitude which can never be fully repaid. Therefore,
we must honour them.

Any person or persons working against the
remembrance of our heroes deserve nothing less
than death. These evil men who are in constant
meetings with agents of the Government of Nigeria
to frustrate the remembrance and honour of our
soldiers including IPOB and MASSOB that fell
during protests and rallies, must know that a fate
worse than that endured by Ifeajuna awaits them.
Their name and that of their children will be forever
be associated with infamy. They should also be
aware that posterity will never forgive their families
and generations to come. As it was with Ifeajuna,
so shall it be with them.

Furthermore, we wish to remind these misguided
elements that IPOB is the largest most powerful
non-violent liberation movement anywhere in the
world right now. When we set out to do something,
not even death can stop us, so they better beware.

It is unfortunate that the Government of Nigeria and
their collaborators in Biafraland have not observed
that the resolve of IPOB family members worldwide
towards the restoration of ancient nation of Biafra is

IPOB is firmly under the supreme leadership of Mazi
Nnamdi Kanu and he has made it clear after his
release that he won’t settle for anything other than
the total liberation of Biafra from the British
contraption called Nigeria.

Anybody campaigning for
restructuring of Nigeria in the name of Prophet
Nnamdi Kanu clearly doesn’t know him very well
because he was born to restore Biafra not
restructure Nigeria. It was our leader that coined the
phrase, Biafra or Death, and he meant every syllable
of it.