War Looms: China Urges It’s Citizen To Vacant Against North Korea Ballistic Missile Test

Fearing a possible US attack on North Korea,
Beijing is urging its citizens there to return, as
Pyongyang continues its nuclear weapons and
ballistic missile tests.


The US-funded Radio Free Asia
reported on Tuesday that the
Chinese Embassy in North Korea
sent out the warning less than a
week before the 85th anniversary
of the Korean People’s Army
on April 25, an occasion some
expected the North to use as an
opportunity to conduct its sixth
nuclear test.

Pyongyang instead conducted a large live-fire
drill. Four days after the anniversary, the North
carried out a missile test, but the projectile
exploded several minutes after launching, a
“failure” South Korean officials later surmised
was intentional.

Amid holiday celebrations, the
nuclear-powered USS Michigan
submarine, armed with 150
Tomahawk missiles, joined a US
Navy carrier strike group led by the
USS Carl Vinson near the Korean
Peninsula, in a show of force
from Washington.

A Korean-Chinese citizen who left Pyongyang
after receiving the warning in late April told
Radio Free Asia, “The embassy has never given
such a warning. I was worried and left the
country in a hurry,” according to the Korea
Times .