About Nigeria Genocidal War Against Biafra.

Right now, I feel it is important to draw the
attention of all Biafrans and in fact the international
community as well to what the Biafrans are fighting
for i.e the restoration of the Republic of Biafra. The
series of injustice perpetuated against the people of
Biafra was initiated by a mercenary soldier working
on behalf of the British government. His name was
Fredrick Lugard.
In the year 1914, Lugard as colonial administrator
and friend of the Hausa-Fulani using his
connections with the British colonial office
committed the most outrageous fraud in human
history by unilaterally declaring the amalgamation of
northern and southern protectorate in our part of
Africa and naming these territories NIGERIA.


Prof. Innocent Odenigbo

This British mercenary did not consult the people
before forcing them into an unholy union of his
dreams. The name Nigeria was really a coinage
from two words, Niger i.e the river Niger and area
meaning the area of land around the river Niger. It
does not require a rocket scientist or a wordsmith
to forge this name. I understand that the name was
in fact suggested by Lugard’s wife (Flora Shaw).

For Lugard to choose the name Nigeria for his
contraption, it’s clear evident that he was only
interested in the land and its resources not in the
well being of people of diverse cultures inhabiting
the land. So ab-initio, the name Nigeria was only a
geographical description without any cultural or
historical content and has remained so up till
today. For even Lugard himself described the north
and the south as oil and water that can never mix.


Professor Innocent Idenigbo On Biafra Issues…

About 30years into Lugard’s experiment in 1945 to
be exact. The first catastrophe struck. Biafrans were
slaughtered in northern Nigeria by the Hausa-Fulani
as the clear expression of their resentment of the

In 1953, the northerners struck again. One small
Biafrans were the victims. The Nigerian census of
1956 was rigged in favor of the northerners by their
British friends who inflated the population figures
for the north to the detriment of the south.

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The pre-independent federal elections were similarly
rigged by the departing British colonial
administrators to benefit the north against the
south. It was not therefore surprising that a few
years after independence, Nigeria descended into
anarchy and chaos. This time again, Biafrans were
the target. Chased away from all over Nigeria as
hundredths of thousands of them were murdered in
the northern Nigeria.

In May-October 1966, Biafrans were hounded and
massacred all over northern Nigeria by the Hausa-
Fulani shouting
”ARABA ARABA” meaning
SECESSION. The bruised and battered Biafrans
returned to the safety of their homeland to nurse
their wounds. Abandoned by the federal government
of the country to which they were supposed to

A national conference was held in Aburi, Ghana
under the chairmanship of Gen. Ankra the Ghanaian
head of state. Far reaching agreements aimed at
keeping Nigeria together were concluded between
Gen. Yakubu Gowon representing Nigeria and Gen.
Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu representing the
people of Biafra.

But in a most arrogant display of power, Nigeria
unilaterally annulled those agreements. The Biafrans
had no other choice than to declare their
independence on May 30th, 1967.

Instead of allowing Biafrans to nurse their wounds
in the peace of their homeland, Nigeria propelled by
share hatred and arrogance of power declared a war
of aggression against the beleaguered Biafrans.
Nigeria wanted the land of Biafra without the people
of Biafra and conducted a three year genocidal war
to achieve that purpose.

At the end of it all, about 3.5 million Biafra men,
women and children were killed in their homeland. I
have never read anywhere that people of different
cultures and religions have been forced to unite by
share military means.

The American civil war was a unique case. Prior to
that war, all the states had voluntarily consented to
join the union after a gruesome war of
independence against the British. But when the
southern states refused to give up slavery and
decided instead to secede from the union, the
northern states led by Abraham Lincoln took up
arms against the south as a matter of principle. The
north believed that since all men were created
equal, it was unjust for people to own slaves at
private property. The American civil war was not in
reality to unite the country, but a war in defense of
human right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

In its genocidal enterprise, Nigeria obtained the
ready military and diplomatic assistance of Britain,
the formal soviet union, Spain, the then Organization
of African Unity led by the formal Ethiopian head of
state Emperor Haile Selassie, non-alliance nations
led by President Tito of formal Yugoslavia and the
United Nations Organization led by U Thant.

The lie being bandit about by Britain and Nigeria
was that if Biafra was allowed to secede from
Nigeria, the whole of Africa would be afflicted by
the disease of secession.

Shamelessly, the so
called civilized world colluded with Nigeria in the
massacre of millions of Biafran men, women and
children. The principle of human rights was thrown
to the winds.

Biafra was strangled by overwhelming military force,
diplomatic frauds and starvation. Even, christian
charity organizations and the International Red Cross
were dissuaded and frustrated by Britain and Nigeria
from delivering urgently needed food material and
medicine which would have saved lives.

Whether we believe it or not, there is a great being
who is in control of events on earth. Some refers to
him as Karma, we call him God. Nigeria thought
that once Biafra was defeated in battle, everything
would be alright and she will live happily ever after.

There is no way you can spill the blood of 3.5
million people and expect that there would not be
some retributions. We all know what is happening
to Nigeria today.

What of the greatest ally of Nigeria during that war
against Biafrans; Britain? One quiet afternoon early
this year (2014), two machete wielding Nigerian
extremists attacked a British soldier and killed him
in broad day light and bragged about it. That event
was one of the worst greatest insults inflicted on a
world power such as Britain.
Right now, Scotland is in the process of seceding
from Britain after about 400years of marriage
voluntarily entered into by England and Scotland.

Yet, it was the same Britain that scared the world
stiff about the impending vulcanization of Africa
should Biafra go its way and let the chorus of the
sanctity of the territorial integrity of Nigeria as the
Biafran war of independence raged on. I do not
know what will happen to the territorial integrity of
Britain when Scotland eventually secedes.

The truth is that a territory can never be more
important than the people who live in it. That is the
basic principle of human rights. But the British
government under the leadership of Harold Wilson
did not believe that the Biafran people were entitled
to the same human rights which British people

That is why Harold Wilson is one of the
list respected world leaders today.
As leader of the Organization of African Unity,
Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia, campaigned
against the existence of Biafra because he believed
that if Biafra was allowed to exist, the province of
Eritrea which was then part of Ethiopia would
secede. But in spite of Haile Selassie, Eritrea is
now an independent nation.

What about President Tito of Yugoslavia, as leader
of the non-aligned nations, President Tito
campaigned against Biafra because he feared that
his country would break if Biafra were allowed to
exist. Where is Yugoslavia today? In the dustbin of
history. Out of the ashes of Yugoslavia emerged
four or five countries in spite of President Tito.

Now, the formal Soviet union supplied Nigeria with
all the mig-fighter planes with which it terrorized,
killed and maimed Biafran men, women and
children in their homes, in market places, in
schools, in churches, in hospitals and in refugee
camps. Where is the great soviet union today? In
the dustbin of history. From the ashes of the formal
soviet union emerged 15 independence countries
including Russia.

What of Egypt? While it was not clear whether the
Egyptian government cooperated with Nigeria during
its war against Biafra, it was common knowledge
that Egyptian pilots were responsible for the
indiscriminate bombing and stacking of civilian
targets that accounted for the loss of thousands of

They were probably the mercenaries who did
not want to risk their lives and therefore avoided
raiding the war fronts. Since they did not discharge
their bombs and kill some people, they frequently
went for soft targets such as; markets, schools and
hospitals. After all, they knew they were engaged in
a war of extermination anyway and the civilized
world was behind them.
See what is happening in Egypt today, not so good.

By contrast, the five countries that recognized Biafra
namely: Tanzania, Zambia, Gabon, Ivory Coast and
Haiti have enjoyed peace and stability till today.

Their heads of state at the time of Biafran saga
namely: Dr. Warimu Julius Nyerere, Dr. Kenneth
Kaunda, Mr. Omar Bongo, Mr. Houphouet-boigny
and ”Papa Doc” Francois Duvalier were some of the
most respected statesmen in the world. Tanzania
has not disintegrated even-though it is a union
between mainland Tanganyika and the island of
Zanzibar off the coast of east Africa. A union
voluntarily agreed by the two entities without a land
border but with strong cultural and historical ties.

Where was the United Nations Organization on the
bight that was Biafra? Mixing in action! The world
body never for once heard testimonies from the
Biafran people. It listened only to Nigerian because
Britain as a permanent member of the Security
Council thwarted all effort by Biafra to present her
case to the world and by implication deceived the
United States on the issue of Biafra. It is now time
for Nigeria to pay its debt to history.

It is the wish of everybody concerned that Nigeria
should disappear peacefully, letting the component
parts go their way after 100years of unholy marriage
that has refused to work or Nigeria may choose to
die a violent death.

This will make no sense since
too many lives have already been lost and the land
is soaked in blood. Since all things made by mortal
man perish, so shall Nigeria made by Fredrick
Lugard and his wife seize to exist and from its
ashes the republic of Biafra shall emerge. The case
of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh is one worthy of
emulation. So also are the cases of formal
Czechoslovakia, formal Yugoslavia, Ethiopia and
Eritrea as well as Sudan and Southern Sudan.

Thomas Jefferson writing the American declaration
of independence said and I quote ”When in the
Course of human events, it becomes necessary for
one people to dissolve the political bands which
have connected them with another, and to assume
among the powers of the earth, the separate and
equal station to which the laws of nature and of
nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the
opinions of mankind requires that they should
declare the causes which impel them to the
separation. We hold these truths to be self-evident,
that all men are created equal, that they are
endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable
Rights, that among these are life, liberty and the
pursuit of happiness.”

This idea goes back to Athens of the 5th century
BC when Socrates spoke of a law of God respected
by all Barbarian and Greek alike or in the Antigone
of Sophocles from the 5th century BC when
Antigone appealed to a law of God that is the same
for all, all over the world and justify any actions that
might break the law of men. Cicero defines natural
law in his works of moral values as ”the law of God
revealed in the reason of His universe” It is one law
valid in all places and in all times.

It will be the
same in Athens and in Rome and in every future
nation to come for that law rest with God and there
are consequences for breaking the law of God.
I hope the United Nations will be alive to its
responsibilities this time around and that the
international communities will stop playing games
with African lives.

The lost of 3.5 million Biafran
lives can never be in vain. That will run counter to
the principle of natural justice; laws of nature and
nature’s God. The people of Biafra have waited all
these years for reason and common sense to
prevail; for justice to be done so that old and
current wounds can start to heal and the spirits of
3.5 million Biafran men, women and children can
start to rest in peace. It is time for the restoration
of the Republic of Biafra. God bless people of
goodwill around the world and God bless Biafra.
Thank you.


Many have come out for a singular purpose, to
restore the dignity of our people.

They understand
the dangers we face as a people and have come to
discover that, as we try to shy away from
confronting these dangers and their fears, we
become donkeys of labour and playthings to
everything that breathes. Many have realized that
this is not the way to live and have given up so
much to stand and defend the rights of the
indigenous people of Biafra to freedom and the
rights to their own State, sovereign, separate and
independent from Nigeria.
However, there still are millions amongst us
Biafrans whose folly have blinded.

Although these
lot contribute to a larger part of the listenership in
Radio Biafra, they seem not to have grasped that
their ineptitude, nonchalance and indifference to our
plight and cause amount to folly, and they have not
considered the danger thereof. For this reason, I
will now make it clearer:

1. We lack the ability to continue to live like slaves
in a free world

2. We have lost all patience to remaining in the
position of slaves in our own land.

3. We are tired of running away and seeking solace
in foreign lands because, there, we still bear the
stigma of slavery.

4. We have committed everything to restore our
dignity, our land and the sovereignty of Biafra.

5. We understand that there are dangers ahead but
we have faced dangers untold and many are still
standing. We will willingly withstand every danger in
our march to return home and regain our gain.

6. We understand that many have died and many
may still die in this quest.

7. We have resolved that life without freedom is
worse than death and that we would give everything
to free ourselves and posterity from this further
stigma of shame.

8. We understand that we need to get every
logistics ready for eventualities in order to avert a
repeat of the 60s genocide against our people.

9. We have sworn to God, to the spirit of our land,
Biafra, and to ourselves that the pains and loss of
the genocidal years and effects will not deter us.

10. We appeal to the conscience of ALL Biafranas
wherever they may reside to understand that we will
neither back down nor will we back out; therefore,
we ask ALL Biafrans to FULLY support this
restoration drive by every means possible.

11. To the folly, to the jesters and cynics and to all
who sit on the fence, we say: Your positions will do
you more harm than the good you anticipate in

Whether or not you support this move
financially and otherwise, we will still march on
relentlessly towards a restored Biafra.

But if you still
choose to remain seated on the face, know this:

A. When our enemies approach again, we shall do
everything to defend ourselves.

B. We would rather die than run away or capitulate
this time.

C. While we may stand to defend ourselves and
your fathers and mothers and siblings and children,
without your support, our defence may not guarantee
their total safety.

D. If you still choose not to support us financially,
your fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters,
children and family members will all die – owing to
your folly. And we would gladly die with them in
valiant defence of our God-given rights.

E. If, for anything, we all die because of your
indifference to our calls for support, know ye that
your case will be worse than it is for many Biafrans

And you can be sure that another generation
will rise up to claim back our freedom.

So, it’s to
the interest of all Biafrans to rise en masse and
surrender every support needed to ensure that our
enemies do not ever gain a foothold against us
again. Either way and whatever your decision and
stand becomes from now, Biafra will still stand
because we will never cease to advance to possess it.