Femi-Fani Kayode Reacts Over Rumors Making Round On Kanu Denouncing Biafra (Must Read)

There is a statement making the rounds to the
effect that Prince Nnamdi Kanu made certain
statements that are contrary to his original stance
on national matters and are found disturbing by his
admirers, supporters and followers.
Some other versions of the rumour have it that he
made the statement during his visit to Chief Femi


While we are proud of having hosted the
courageous IPOB leader when he paid a visit to FFK
as part of his “Thank you tour”, we wish to state
categorically clear that Prince Nnamdi Kanu didn’t
make such statement.
Our investigations have revealed that that statement
emanated from the notorious APC Media Centre (a
coordinated propaganda machinery of our collective

Kanu could not in any way have made and did not
make such a statement, and nothing of that sort or
anything near it was said by him or any other
person present at the meeting. If anything, our
strong belief is that the IPOB leader still holds very
tightly to his struggle and the principles behind it.

He does not in any way look like a man that would
flinch in the face of intimidation or harassment. He
cut the figure of a man that is more determined
now than ever to see his struggle through to a
logical conclusion.

The meeting was also held in an atmosphere of
conviviality and was characterised by mutual
respect and appreciation for and to all parties
involved in the struggle to have our people
emancipated from oppression and tyranny.
We therefore cannot afford to help our common
traducers divide us now.

Unfortunately, some of those who shared the
wickedly false story in the social media and other
places are those who should have known better and
apply circumspection. They are those who are the
most pitiable victims of State oppression and
tyranny but would neither raise a finger to join in the
struggle for emancipation but would rather put all
their hands in bids to destroy it.

At this point, we ask, whose interest are they
Our traducers are master propagandists. It beats
our imagination that some people can’t still spot
their work when they see it and dismiss same even
on its face value.

We urge every well meaning Nigerian to kindly
disregard that misleading statement purportedly
authored by Prince Kanu whenever and wherever it
is found and dismiss same for all its malice,
wickedness, evil, as the intentions of its faceless
authors are divisive and ignoble. But they have

— Jude Chijioke Ndukwe
Media Advisor to Chief Femi Fani-Kayode


2 thoughts on “Femi-Fani Kayode Reacts Over Rumors Making Round On Kanu Denouncing Biafra (Must Read)

  1. Biafran says:

    Nnamdi Kanu has long compromised but has been using and abusing the accumulated power he had with the microphone to accumulate more and more power to abuse and destroy the struggle, but sadly the new ones that joined without asking of his track record in keeping to his words in the struggle has blindly turn him to their ‘messiah’ which is so outrageous and disastrous for the struggle. Now only a totally blind will still believe that he is still in any way in the struggle after accepting the bait they packaged in form of the ridiculous bail conditions. He has shown how selfish and blind he is to willingly submit to the same criminal politicians that has been destroying the same people he claimed he is coming to help. He forgot his rantings that anything that come in contact with ‘Nigeria’ gets corrupt! Now what can he use to defend that, looking at the milder condition that was given to Mandela year after year for 27 good years, and he turned it all down insisting on the freedom of his people over his own life and freedom


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