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With heart full of joy and in high spirit we welcome our leader Nnamdi Kanu who is our living hero back after spending one year and six months both in DSS dungeon and in Kuje prison, he was arrested on the 14th day of October 2015 and was released on bail on 28th April 2017 making it one year, six months and some weeks.


Nnamdi Kanu (IPOB) Leader

Despite his incarceration he is always formidable as never before as only his dress up on the day he was released will tell you there is no going back in his mission to restore Biafra. People would ask why is he our hero? But first of All who is a hero?

According to oxford advanced learners dictionary a hero is ‘a person who, in the opinion of others, has special achievements, abilities, or personal qualities and is regarded as a role model or ideal but in our own little research we discovered that A hero is someone who “we” determine to have demonstrated behaviors and decisions that are ethically and emotionally worthy of our awe. We see in them something we think is not in us. Given similar conditions, we “think” we might not make the same moves and decisions they do, so we place them in an elevated place in society or in our minds.


Biafrans Got Talent

Nnamdi Kanu have done what nobody in Igbo land can do, before the coming of Nnamdi Kanu nobody will believe that an IJAW man will see an Igbo man as his brother, neither will anybody believe that an Igbo man will be ready to Give his life for what will not fetch him a good amount of money but the emergence of Nnamdi Kanu have turn such doubt to a thing of the past as Many Igbo men and women including our brothers from all the tribes that made up Biafra are ever ready to die for what they believe in.

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A hero is someone who overcome a tragedy or survive a horrendous calamity. A sickness or a heinous accident that would have desolated the average person, seems to have intensified the heroes determination and intrepidity. We gaze upon this person in absolute astonishment and want to reward him with our love and respect for his triumph over tragedy. His actions tell us that it is possible to overcome whatever comes our way. He connected with us personally by surviving and thriving, we develop awe and a form of respect for his accomplishments.

His achievements become the new “super hero” standard to measure against, Nnamdi Kanu have survived a horrendous calamity by coming out alive from Kuje prison after numerous attempt to terminate his life which one among their so many attempts to terminate his life is the one they throw an accidious tear gas into his prison room, he survived it, the attempt didn’t demoralize him rather he intensified his Determination to defend his word which is that ‘it is either the flag of Biafra is raised up nor his body is lowered down the grave, In fact, Nnamdi Kanu’s greatness is realized in the way Biafra men and women gravitate and behave in solidarity with him whenever he appears in court.

so much impressed by Nnamdi Kanu’s personality that we take it upon ourselves to honour him by declaring him our LIVING HERO’, Nnamdi Kanu is a man whose personality easily attracts attention and directs the course of events in a given environment indeed he is a great man, he went, he saw and he conquered for this reason Nnamdi Kanu is more than a
LIVING HERO to we BIAFRANS GOT TALENT and to the entire Biafrans both home and abroad.

We have many other falling HEROES AND HEROINES which we are going to honour them with a “Sit at home” protest in Biafra land on 30th may 2017, they are our heroes and warriors who overpowered those who tried to harm us. They served in the defense of the federal Republic of Biafra, They are strong defender of our society and culture.

Our great military soldiers who sacrifice everything to defend our borders and cultures during the genocidal war of 1967-70 levied upon us by the Nigeria government headed by arch genocidist Yakubu Gowon through the help of their British counterparts Harold Wilson.

They (our Heroes and heroines) placed their very
lives on the line in order that our way of life is protected from the influences and domination of Hausa/fulani people.

Heroes are not born, they are made. Sir, you the best thing that happened to this generation. It started like a tiny spark, now it has grown to an IROKO where birds can easily run for shelter and you made it so.

Our dear leader MAZI NNAMDI KANU, BIAFRA GOT TALENT as a body welcomes you home. This is just the beginning of the revolution that is about to happen and every tongue, tribe, nation and people will someday confess and say “WE ARE GLAD TO HAVE WITNESSED IT”. Please sir, we know that some people will come to distract the mission but do not listen to THEM even as you’ve always told us to REMAIN RESOLUTE.

However, we really appreciate the courage you exhibits in this struggle so far and pray for more. Though it won’t really be easy but since it’d worth it, we’d stand BACK TO BACK and fight this battle to finish.

However, we really appreciate the courage you exhibits in this struggle so far and pray for more. Though it won’t really be easy but since it’d worth it, we’d stand BACK TO BACK and fight this battle to finish.

see MAZI NNAMDI KANU “the living hero of
our time”

We Must honour them come 30th May with a sit at home, we also enjoin our fellow Biafrans who are outside Biafra land to mark that day with a huge rally to signal the whole world that we appreciate the efforts
of our falling Heroes and Heroines and that we are not relenting in this quest to restore our father land Biafra.


Ejike Ofoegbu
Nwachukwu Victor Samuel
Shaker Man
Spokespersons For Biafrans Got Talent