How Nigeria Spent Half Of Her Annual Budget On A Sick President -Wole -Risingsuntvnews

George wole thinks the insincerity of the Buhari government and its refusal to disclose the President’s medical bills creates room for suspicion.


He said, “While Nigerians are yet to have a taste of good things under Buhari’s administration, the president alone has enjoyed so much of the nation’s wealth.

For example, billions are budgeted
for Aso Rock alone, excluding the president’s salary,
allowances, etc. The president’s health has also
consumed so much of the nation’s wealth that the
presidency is afraid to disclose the bills.

I don’t want to mention the funds spent by the president to
travel the world. Truly, in less than two years in office, Buhari alone has enjoyed almost half of
Nigeria’s annual budget. How long shall we as a nation continue to spend on a sick president?”

Courtesy: Critical Time


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