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The former Governor of Anambra State, Dr.
Chukwuemeka Ezeife, has stated that Nigeria will
disintegrate except if the country is restructured,
says that the reason behind the agitation by IPOB
Leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, is because of the
injustice in the land.


There are people with the view that if the country
is restructured, it may lead to disintegration, what
is your take?

The only thing that assures the disintegration of
Nigeria is the non-restructuring of Nigeria; I want
you to know it and tell the world that those of us
who love Nigeria are the people talking about
restructuring. I will give you a paper I did on the
basis for unity where I talked to few that to
maximise the welfare of Nigerians, we need to
restructure Nigeria and make sure that justice
works in Nigeria.

We have six geo-political zones; we have six
protocol offices; President, Vice President, Senate
President, Chief Justice, Speaker, Secretary to
Government. If we have six geopolitical zones, we
should expect at least one of those positions to go
to each zone. Because of injustice and
marginalisation, the South East does not share in
any of these, not even the least, Secretary to
Government was given to South East.

The South East is largely absent from the budget
of Nigeria, largely absent from the list of new
employments in Nigeria. But the South East
dominates the list of people removed from office
in Nigeria. I am not talking about the killings,
massacre of youths of the South East in various
parts of the country.
So, how have Ndigbo fared in President
Muhammadu Buhari’s administration regarding
appointments and allocation of resources?

The summary of the situation is that Buhari’s
administration has been pushing the South East,
Ndigbo out of Nigeria that is why they ignited IPOB
(Indigenous People of Biafra) MASSOB (Movement
for the Actualisation of Sovereign State of Biafra)
with more zeal and more and more people are
talking about being on their own.
I told you something, but they are more. When
Buhari started recruiting officials, he recruited more
than 40 new officials without one South Eastern person there. I have told you about the protocol positions and geo-political zones.

There were people earmarked for some headships like
NIMASA, Civil Defence, and those people were
supposed to be Igbo, but as soon as Buhari took
over, they were dropped, and other people were

Today we know the population of Ndigbo is not
small, but today the National Security Council of
Nigeria will be meeting without South East being
represented. It is clear that our government has no
accommodation for South East.
What is your position on the agitation of the IPOB
leader, Nnamdi Kanu on the Biafra issue?

Nnamdi Kanu is an intelligent and concerned young
man. Very justified in what he is thinking and
doing. The problem we are having is that Buhari is
pushing the South East out of Nigeria and therefore
fanning the fire of secession.
In the South East, we have the Igbo people. Igbo
people committed the greatest number of suicide
during the slave trade. More Igbo committed
suicide than any other group during the slave

Do you know why? There is a saying in Igbo that
life without honour is not worth living. At that
stage you say, “eji ndu emegini” what are you
doing with life not worth living.
So, the Igbo people live in Nigeria today with
comprehensive attacks on them. PTD, Put Them
Down, is the policy of the government. If you are
of the private sector, you order for some
containers, they may be confiscated and given out
or sold to other people. If you are Igbo and you
are doing very well in business, efforts will be
made to drag you down.
Let me tell you a current situation.

You have Ifeanyi Ubah who runs Capital Oil; you have NNPC two
corporate organisations. Both claiming that the
other owes it. NNPC says Capital Oil owes it and
Capital Oil says NNPC owes it N16 billion. Now,
this claim and counter claim how does it become
national security affair? If it is not PTD, pull them down, why did the DSS (Department of State Service) of all people arrest and detain Ifeanyi Ubah? Nothing except that he is Igbo and making progress.

Others in his position have suffered the same
thing, Ibeto was stranded for some time, I am sure
Emeka Offor is feeling it. Look, we should be
celebrating a Nigerian who audaciously is
producing cars.
Go and interview Innocent about Innoson Motors,
interview many traders whose imported containers
are gone. So, we are like a rejected people.

Again in our language we say, a person rejected
does not reject himself. That is what Nnamdi Kanu
is reacting against. One, our life in Nigeria is bad
because of injustice, inequity, marginalisation, PTD,
Pull them down.

Then, also we feel like a rejected people. You get
the list of employment; we are absent, you get the
list of people who are being laid off in government
work, we are dominant. Also, we went everywhere
in Nigeria developing everywhere again in response
to our philosophy, “Ebe onye bi k’ona awachi”
meaning where you live, you develop or where you
live you mend.
So, if you look at it, there are things to explain.

It is historical fact that we Igbo will go to a strange
land, start with all kinds of small jobs, eventually get rich, build a major house whether we have one
in our village or not, we build where we are, and
we start to ooze out more confidence than the
original owners of the land. And if you are among
the original owners of the land, you won’t like it.

And in addition to that, those who are from Anambra like me, we put bad mouth.

A new situation where God has elevated you above
the people you have come to live with. So that one
requires action by Igbos. Action number one,
befriend your host communities. Action number
two, respect the do’s and donts of your host community. Action number three, sow seeds in
your host communities. Give scholarships, support
people, train people, let them permanently endear
you, feel close to you.

So, this is what is happening, the negation of all
the good, PTD, pull them down, whether they are
military, Major General, General, Lieutenant General,
Pull them down, Customs officer, pull him down.
All offices in government, pull them out. And then,
when you come to recruitment, ignore them.
Kastina state has 51 people recruited by the DSS,
and all the South East States have 44. This is what
IPOB, MASSOB and all intelligent and meaningful
people who understand what is going on, this is
what they are reacting against.

There is the issue of timing. I have given you the
Igbo philosophies that are directing actions, not
individual, you may not know they are propelling all
the actions we are taking, but they are there.
Let me count them again; “Eji ndu eme gini” Life
without honour is not worth living.

Two “Onye ajuru anaghi aju onwe ya” The rejected does not reject
himself. Three, “Ebe onye bi k’ona awachi”, where
you live, you mend, you develop. Look at Nigeria,
all meaningful houses, if you go everywhere, you
find the majority of those meaningful houses built
by Nigerians belong to the Igbo. Come to Abuja
the capital city and its environs.
So, those who should be helping to push others on
top are being pressed down by those others. As
they press the people of destiny down, everybody
is down.

The 2014 conference approved state police. We
may still have state police, but the security of the
zone should be in the hands of the zone, and the
best is for the zone to control the police. It is
better for any state, for any man, for any woman
that the zone controls the police without prejudice
to the state having some level of police and

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