You Will Not Believe What Nnamdi Kanu Told Col. Joe Achuzia During His Visit (Must Read) – Risingsuntvnews

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Uchechi Kanu (wife) , Kanu, Joe Achuzia and order elders

Nnamdi Kanu to Joe Achuzia.
Responding to Achuzie, the IPOB leader said

I am very grateful and honoured to be with you today.

One thing I can assure you is this, nobody negotiated my release and I did not negotiate with anybody.


IPOB Leader Kanu & Joe Achuzia

“My mission is very simple, and that is to restore Biafra and I believe that is the reason why I exist as a person, and nothing will deter me from doing just that…absolutely nothing will.

No amount of pain, hardship, difficulties, ridicule and frustration will ever stop me from completing this holy quest to restore the kingdom of God upon the face of the earth once again.