It was another big recognition for Biafra restoration mission in Stockholm, Sweden. Biafrans in their industrious nature have continued to demonstrate their ingenuity in every facets of human endeavor. Don’t get it twisted, Biafrans have always been in the front burner of development, be it in science and technology, education, entertainment and football.

It was another colorful day in Sweden when a Biafran, Arimah Chudi Nnamdi represented Biafra Republic in a marathon race in Stockholm. According to an update on his Facebook wall Arimah Chudi Nnamdi wrote:     ”  I thank Chiukwu Okike Abiama for giving me the strength to represent Biafra in a successful marathon in Stockholm,  Sweden today”. Continuing he also said, “I dedicate my medal to the Biafran Heroes and my prayers shall be moan both day and night”. 

This news is a very welcoming development. This development will not only send a striking message to the Nigerian government and the world at large but will also lay a heavy and undisputable credence to the imminent emergence of a new nation that will set an unprecedented economic and political pace that will truly become the toast of the world. Don’t get it twisted again, Biafrans are richly blessed both in human and in natural resources by Chukwuokike Abiama.

Truly, Arimah Chudi Nnamdi has really made his mother land very proud. He has preached the gospel of Biafra in a very special way. Drawing the attention of the world to the painful and constant annihilation of Biafrans (endangered species ) who are legitimately asking for their freedom and total renunciation of servitude. We are in every nook and cranny of the world, preaching this gospel of love and hope of the mother Land ( Biafra ) that will wipe away our sorrow and restore our lost dignity. Biafrans congratulates Arimah Chudi Nnamdi for standing so tall, strong and colourful for the mother land ( Biafra ) in Stockholm. This is an opportunity to call on every Biafran in diaspora who are yet to embrace this restoration movement to hastily key in immediately.

Dedicated To IPOB