-By Paul Ihechi Alagba

-Twitter: @risingsuntvnews
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The Nigeria military government led by Yakubu Gowon knew exactly the extent of mass killings they perpetrated in Biafraland fully backed by the British government. By the last quarter of 1969, a lot of international pressures started mounting on the  Nigeria government to desist from further war crimes in Biafra, with clear evidences of the atrocities leaked across media outlets by independent journalists, observers and  relief agencies who witnessed the shellings and the starving population.

Even the British people started revolting against their governments’ involvement in Biafra’s predicament. But ending the war isn’t the problem with Gowon already in possession of final batch ammunition for the final crushing of Biafra; the problem is on how the Nigeria and British government can evade being held accountable for the war crimes.

The cunny Harold Wilson having seen the red light suppressed and twisted the investigative report of the observers sent by British parliamentarians who are under intense pressure to prevail over the situation in Biafra.

Yakubu Gowon on his own after unleashing his final armament needed so badly an internationally recognised immunity. Therefore when the pressure mounted on him to call off the war, and with the Biafra forces already incapacited, he(Yakubu Gowon) resolved that “NO VICTOR, NO VANQUISHED” be declared.

A clever declaration by the military general. The only slogan that shielded him from being tried for war crimes even 50years after.

Nevertheless, we all knew the deep wisdom encloned in Ojukwu’s decision to surrender–HE WHO LIVES TO FIGHT ANOTHER DAY STILL HAS A CHANCE TO WIN THE BATTLE.