Another Biafran Legendary – ARTHUR ALVERS PEREIRA – A Portuguese ,’Squadron Leader’ In The Biafra Air Force [PHOTOS] – Risingsuntvnews

– Rising Sun TV News

By Paul Ihechi Alagba,


Many young Biafrans may not know him, but this Portuguese man, Arthur Artur Alves Pereira is one of Legendary foreigners who fought gallantly in alliance with Biafran warlords to ensure that Biafrans were not exterminated from the face of the earth by the genocidal Nigeria government and British government during the civil war. 

Born on February 26, 1942, in Angola, Arthur Alves Pereira joined the Portuguese Air Force in May 1962, serving in both Portugal and Angola as a pilot. He initially flew relief aids to the then war-torn Biafra before he joined the Biafra Air Force, BAF, in 1969, after he couldn’t resist the horrible sight of the genocide being perpetrated against Biafrans. The Biafran T6-Texans which was among the ‘Biafra Babies’ was placed under his command.   He also served as a ‘Squadron leader’ in the Biafra Air Force.

The brave Arthur Alves Pereira left the Biafran Air Force on January 10 1970, few days before the war ended. He has four sons and six grandchildren. 

Pereira who is still alive have not taken his heart away from Biafra as he is still advocating for Biafra restoration. Arthur Alves Pereira is currently one of the leading advocates of Biafra freedom on various social media platforms.