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As the Biafrans are ever determined than before to get her independence under the leadership of Nnamdi kanu, who has directed for a civil disobedience “sit at home” today 30th may, to remember our fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers and children killing by the Nigerian government under sponsorship the British imperialist in an act of terror, just like what happened in Manchester day other day.

The United states president Donald J Trump condemned this act of terror by calling them looser’s, I want to condemn them by calling them enemies of humanity & development, because the intend to impose their minority views on the majority of people using destruction of lives and properties as their means of communication in the absence of superior & convincing arguments.

So, whether it is in Manchester or Biafra land & I call on humanity to demand for the stop of the ongoing British sponsored terrorism in the zoo called Nigeria, which has seen the mass murder of Biafrans Perticulerly the ethnic Igbo’s & the media blackout by the mass media namely BBC & CNN who are conspirators in these killing by refusing to report barbarism in Nigeria, maybe because the fantastically corrupt government has paid them not to do so or because Biafran lives never matters.

Reference to the 1967 to 1970 genocide/

ethnic cleansing (Nigerian Biafrans war) where British government sponsored Gen. Yakubu Gowon to massacre over 6 million Biafrans women/children, in churches, marketes and schools only because they want independent when it became obvious that the Nigerian only need her resources (oil & gas) but do not need her people, it is important to note that the killing of Biafrans has continued unabated till date.

Further, since October 2015 when the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra (Nnamdi Kanu) was arrested more than 5,000 Biafrans has been killed by the Nigerian security forces with many of them were buried in mass and unmarked grave, untill now many of them are still languishing in different detaintions across Nigeria.

Evidence to support this claim is the Amnesty report which has it that on May 30th (Biafran hero’s remembrance day 2016) that over 150 unarmed celebrant were killed in an unprovoked event, this are humans and their lives are as important to their friends and families just as the victims of the Manchester killing.

Finally, as we condemn the Manchester killing as a terrorist act, let us condemn terrorism in all ramifications, so let us condemn the state sponsored terrorism against her people like in the case of Biafrans by the occupying Nigerian forces sponsored by the British and aided by the media black out of BBC & CNN because terror can never be defined by any other way than terror whether ISIS or British sponsored,