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I am Umaru Dikko Haruna  from Katsina, Northern Nigeria.

With tears and heartbreak  that I’m typing this letter to the ibos, because 90% of my friends are ibos and I live my life in the mist of ibos which I enjoyed to its fullest. The ibos are most  friendly, peaceful, loving, accomodating, caring, God fearing and most of all industrious people nd that makes them economically viable is Nigeria.

The blood shading Fulanis are hear 2 slaughter u again and if u believe u are more brave than them, then Its time 2 unite yourselves as one Igbo blood and fight (armless) a just and intelligent fight.

It’s time to love yourselves. 

Time to match peacefully to achieve Freedom.

Time to pray together to achieve a common goal.

Arewa youths has ordered you to leave the north peacefully before October 1st and it’s not a joke.

prepare yourselves ahead of this deadline because my people have concluded in their meeting before using Arewa youth forum as a channel for the broadcast.

The Nigeria gov’t cannot protect you when they come with these planned violent attack.

If you ask yourselves this few questions:

1.why was the  broadcast made in Kaduna and not in any other northern state?

2.Why the crises in southern Kaduna focuses on killing Christians? 

3. Why is Kaduna state Governor fighting a general Oversea of Omega fire ministry?

4. Has anyone signatory to the statement been arrested as ordered by Gov. El-Rufai?

5. What has Olusegun Obasanjo, IBB, Gowon, Buhari, Soyinka and the likes said about this quit notice?

6. What action has South/Eastern Governors taken to address this issue for national interest?

7. Why has Deputy senate president been intimidated as the eye of the Ibo people?

8. Why do the bill to establish south East development commission failed in the lower chamber of the national assembly?

9. Do your asset in northern Nigeria worth your life and that of your family?

10. Why do this government not having any Ibo man as a service chief?

11. Why do Nnamdi Kanu and Ipob keep agitating for Biafra freedom? Or u think the young man is insane?

It’s time to go back home, support your agitation for freedom nd develop your places. The government is for the North and west and they are their brothers keepers.

I am calling on all Igbos in the northern Nigeria to prepare and go home, Biafra if achieved will be better than Dubai, South Africa, Uruguay etc in less than 5yrs because of your industrial skills.

The Hausas are neither your friend nor your brothers.

To kill is their work nd you’ve always been their target.

You have your homes and shall do better in your various places in Biafra land leaving Northern/western Nigeria to sink.

This is what your brother Ojukwu saw in 1960’s and call for secession. 

I am from the north (a muslim) and am not suppose to say this but for God’s sake the bloodshed will be much if u dont act fast and this time ibos will suffer more. My people have concluded nd after the Ramadan fast you shall see it coming bite by bite. I thank Almighty Allah that a notice was given just as landlords give notice to his tenant before taken actions, act fast.

 I LOVE you people so much and wish you achieve Biafra urgently Insha Allah.

Share this piece as you recieve to your brothers in the north.

God bless Biafra.