Quit Notice To Ndi-Igbo: We fought a war before and at the end, we accepted that Nigeria should be one -Eze Ndi-Igbo Kaduna (Spits fire) RISINGSUNTVNEWS

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Eze-Igbo, Kaduna, Igwe Sylvanus Aneke has said that Arewa youths are too insignificant to tell Igbo to quit the North because of a group of people agitating for the Republic of Biafra in the South East.

Igwe Aneke in this interview 


NOAH EBIJE said it is only the Federal Government that has the constitutional power to split the country.

Excerpts From The Interview

The Arewa youths are insisting that Igbo should leave because your people  are calling for Biafra Republic, what’s your reaction to this?

The question, is it all the Igbo that are calling for it?  It’s a few young men who did not witness the war, that are calling for it. You see, it’s just like a child who wants to put his hands into the fire, the elder knows that if he puts his hands into the fire, it will burn him. So, the elders of the Igbo are not really supporting the IPOB, we identify with the problem. Just like I told you, the issues, what’s provoking the agitation? The agitation is their own reaction. Their way of reacting and that’s not what the elders of the Igbo want. What we want is to address injustice, to have fairness, fair share of whatever. To have that sense of belonging in the country.

There are reasons every day of how the Igbo are being discriminated against. No group can be happy with that. The youths are exploring this way because they feel that we the elders are comfortable with the situation. We’re not comfortable with the situation, but we know that calling for separation or division of this country will not be the solution but unity of Nigeria. We fought a war before and at the end, we accepted that Nigeria should be one. And they say to keep Nigeria one is a task that must be done.

We’ve accepted that many years ago, so why should we now be asking for that again? If we say Nigeria is one, let it be one. If Nigeria is one, then every person should have fair share of whatever the country has. That’s all.