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The leader of the Indigenous  People  Of  Biafra (IPOB) Citizen Nnamdi Kanu (De Great) and also the Director  of Radio Biafra / Biafra Television (BTV) makes  a shocking  revelations ..

(1) Before i came there was no Radio/

Television defending the people of Biafra in Nigeria. I brought Radio Biafra on my Arrival.

(2) Before i came there was no # Unity among the people of Biafra, especially those living within the riverline area and those living on the hinter land, On my arrival i preached Peace Unity and oneness among them, I united them

(3) Before i came there was no monument built for our #5.2 million fallen heroes who died defending our beloved land (Biafra), On my arrival i build a cenotaph in Enugu which was destroyed by Uwazuruike with the help of Nigeria Police, and I organized a memorial and burial ritual for those that were killed between 1967/1970

(4) Before i came the word Biafra wasn’t recognized by microsoft word, On my arrival the word Biafra is now recognized on MS Word.

(5) Before i came there was no leadership that could bring all Biafrans together worldwide as one family, On my arrival i brought them all together and they are now converging in over 120 countries of the world speaking with one voice.

(6) Before i came there was fear among the people of Biafra to speak about Biafra in the open places such as market,churches ,schools etc, there was fear of wearing a common Biafra designed cap,shoes or clothes, On my arrival the spirit of fear left my people, today our people can stand in Lagos Yoruba land and Abuja in Hausa land wearing Biafra cloths and flags boldly and fearlessly asking for Biafra freedom. they can now assemble in different places such as church, marketplaces ,schools and etc.

(7) Before i came there was no strong campaign for Baifra freedom in the international community, on my arrival, the UK and European Union parliament now speak about Biafra freedom, amnesty international now speak about the killing of Biafrans in our own land.

(8) Before I came many countries of the world dont know much about the Biafra people and the pogrom committed against them, On my arrival almost every country of the world now know about Biafra and even authorize our gathering in their various countries as Indigenous people of Biafra.

(9) Before i came no radio or tv broadcaster was able to reveal the evil happening in this contraption known as Nigeria, On my arrival, i exposed everything, i brought the devilish act of the nigerian government and the military to the ICC and rest of the world.

(10) Before i came there was no accurate report of the Nigerian soldiers kidnapping and killed of the Biafrans in land, On my arrival ,every single Biafran kidnapped or killed is being reported to the international community with verifiable evidences .

(11) Before i came there was no hope for the future generation of Biafrans worldwide under one Nigeria, On my arrival hope is restored and the people of Biafra are now speaking with one voice seeking for their freedom.

(12) Before i came the people from Igboakiri known as Igbanke in EDO state, People of Igala in KOGI state, People of Idoma in Benue state, People from Ijaw, Itshekiri, Isobo (Urohbo), Igede, Anang,Ibibio were told that Igbos were not their flesh and blood, they told them that Igbos were their enemies . On my arrival all the aforementioned clans have realized the truth , they have reunited within one umbrella of Biafra because of the historical fact and figures which i brought to them. today they are proudly Biafrans.

(13) Before i came no igbo speaking Biafran can close their shops for a freedom protest which they know can be attacked by the nigeria boko haram military forces, On my arrival protest upon protest has been called and obeyed, men,women,children and adults were maching out in millions and many were killed on different occasions by the nigerian military force yet the struggle continues they say no retreat no surrender ,they believed that is Biafra or Death.

(14) Before i came no Nigerian media house can write or speak about Biafra or carry any Biafra news. On my arrival Biafra news is the best selling news both online and at the vendor’s news stand, all the heavy weight media houses such as CNN,BBC,FOX NEWS, AL JAZEERA,FRANCE 24,NEW YORK POST etc carries Biafra news on daily bases.

(15) Before i came our Igbo speaking politicians cannot speak about Biafra on any national tv and radio stations in nigeria, On my arrival Biafra issue is been discussed even in the House of senate , uncountable programs of Biafra has been going on in Nigeria today.

(16) Before i came there has never in the history of nigeria any Hausa/Fulani Man fighting for any Igbo man for natural justice and rights,But because I am a natural born Freedom fighter who want equal right and justice to all mankind, i stood to speak for those Hausa/Fulani whose children were locked up in Kuje and many other prisons for over 5 years without trial, I know the world maybe surprise about that, i am a symbol of Justice itself. I am Nnamdi Kanu the eyes and voice of the voiceless .

All these and many more happened and still happening because I was sent to liberate my people the Biafrans. I am not afraid of death because i was dead on my arrival into this shenanigans called nigeria which is the British enclave. My fear is the type of death and destruction that will befall the zoo nigeria if anything dare happen to me.

Let me remind the Nigerian government once again that the first world war of 1914 was fought because of the killing of a Prince, the assassination of Prince Franz Ferdinand, the archduke of Austria-Hungary. His death at the hands of Gavrilo Princip – a Serbian nationalist with ties to the secretive military group known as (the Black Hand) it propelled the major European military powers towards war and millions were killed just because of death of a Prince . coincidentally the was fought the same year nigeria was created.

Justice (Binta Yanko) should be advised and guided on the impending danger hovering over Nigeria ,Africa and the world on her steps to try (Prince Nnamdi Kanu) in secret through their Sharia law nonsense as she have announced, i can never accept any sharia secret trial from Binta Yanko not now not in the next century .

I want to thank Biafrans for standing with me in all trials ,in all pains, in everything i love you all and cannot betray my leadership towards our noble course of Biafra freedom.Those people who are betraying me should get ready to reap what they have sowed . in everything in life there shall be a judgment day and that judgment day is fast approaching. you guys can never ever tear this house which was build on a solid foundation of truth and transparency .

Before I came…there was Darkness in the land of BIAFRA..but today light has come to shine upon my people that light is the unity,peace and love among the people of Biafra. God bless you all, God bless Biafra , remain resolute and formidable .WE SHALL WIN IN THE END.