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The man accused of masterminding the massacre of worshippers at Ozubulu Catholic Church has allegedly spoken out, denies the allegation.

According to un-verified release trending on social media, He said; I’m neither the so called Bishop nor from Ozubulu in Anambra State. I have never been to South Africa nor Ozubulu before.

I hail from Umuahia Abia State but base in Turkey. I am a Legitimate businessman ( Verified Real Estate Developer in Abuja).

I hearby call on the office of the Inspector General of police,Dss and other security related departments to do proper investigations into the Massacre in Ozubulu. As for AIT and Sun Newspaper wait for me.

I know some stupid fools want to tarnish my reputations but i will follow up this case with my team of Lawyers till the end.

My sympathy to the bereaved families and the truth must prevail. Pls my beloved friends, Help me and share this report round and viral. God bless you all.

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